silver and blue jingle bell ornaments with sticker letters

Идеи наполнения прозрачных новогодних шариков.

evergreens, tiny pinecones and moss make a great nature-inspired ornament


air plant ornaments as small terrariums
fill a glass christmas ornament with whole spices, some grapeseed oil and essential oils orange, cinnamon for a perfect scent
rustic ornament filled with burlap and with a plaid bow 

springkles-fille clear ornaments 

reindeer ornament filled with chocolate candies 

Christmas-colored candies will be a great filling for a clear ornament 

colorful sprinkles to make dessert ornaments 

peppermint cocoa ornaments can also become gifts 

M&Ms fill ornament with a red bow 

beach-inspired ornament filled with sand and small shells 

beautiful bead ornaments are pretty easy to make 

book page star fill ornament 

colorful pompoms to fill a glass ornament 

faux snow and beads to fill the ornaments 

faux snow and tiny trees create a Christmas terrarium 

glitter dust filled balls 

glitter filled ornament with a name 

large confetti for filling ornaments 

monogrammed ornament filled with glitter 

origami filled ornament 

plaid fabric filled ornaments 

seaglass ornament for beach Christmas 

snowflake ornament filled with glass beads 

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